Friday, 18 February 2011

Top movies and tv shows to watch when your tokin on the Ganja...

I'll start this blog off by saying this,, I have never written a blog before and i actually hate the fuckin word blog,,,
.anyway everyone who enjoys the ocassional toke on the magic smoke might enjoy reading this and might find out about some great movies they never heard of before,,im a bit of a film fanatic,,,and i know some class fuckin movies to watch when your baked,,and most of them aren't comedy films as one would have thought,,But sayin that i might as well start off with the comedy movies,,,,,and tv shows..


Ideal is a comedy tv show starring johnny vegas a lot people prob wont know who he is unless your from england or ireland,,anyway the show is set around his apartment that he lives in and sells smoke from,,,he gets his green from a local cop whos busts people and then gives the smoke to moz thats johnny vegas's character to sell,,the show never leaves the setting of his apartment,,anyway thers a fuckin book full of funny shit that happens to moz as he gets stoned everyday and sells his weed to the countless number of weirdos that call to his door eg,,psycho paul,,,cartoon head,,,if you like or have seen the film pinnapple express then you should love this,,,just make sure you have some reef on the ready though because theres loads of really great smoking montages in this show that will have you watering at the mouth,,,,id give this show an easy 10 out of 10,,,moz the main character is fuckin brilliant he's overweight and his motto is ''no cash no hash'',,, also theres some great music from the likes of the Stone Roses in it aswell,,,i'll leave my review at that and just say if you want something really class to watch when your haveing a few jayo's at home then Ideal is for you,,,,,chow

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